N I A G A R A   C L U B

The Trail

There are more than 130km of trails associated with the Niagara Section of the Bruce Trail.

Quality maps can be purchased from the Bruce Trail Conservancy Store

Trail Re-routes

Occassionally it is necessary to re-route parts of the trail to avoid dangerous conditions (ie. spring flooding), or by request of the property owners. In these cases, the re-route is posted and new blazes are marked on the trail. It is important that you follow the blazes. If your map does not show the re-route, you still need to follow the blazes.

Up-to-date trail changes can be found on the Bruce Trail Conservancy Trail Changes page.

Trail Users' Code

  • Hike only along marked routes; especially on farmland, do not take shortcuts.
  • Do not climb fences, use the stiles.
  • Respect the the privacy of people living along the Trail.
  • Leave the Trail cleaner than you found it, carry out all litter.
  • Leave flowers and plants for others to enjoy.
  • Do not damage live trees or strip off bark.
  • Keep dogs on a leash, especially on or near a farm.
  • Protect and do not disturb wildlife.
  • Leave only your thanks and take nothing but photographs.

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