N I A G A R A   C L U B

About the Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail Conservancy is a charitable organization committed to establishing a conservation corridor containing a public footpath along the Niagara Escarpment, in order to protect its natural ecosystems and to promote environmentally responsible public access to this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

The Niagara Bruce Trail Club is the southern-most of nine clubs that form the The Bruce Trail Conservancy. The other clubs, from south to north are:

Iroquoia BTC
Toronto BTC
Caledon BTC
Dufferin Hi-Land BTC
Blue Mountains BTC
Beaver Valley BTC
Sydenham BTC
Peninsula BTC

The Bruce Trail is the oldest and longest marked hiking trail in Canada. It is currently 885km long with over 400km of side trails. More than 400,000 visits are made to the Trail as people walk, snowshoe, watch wildlife, take photographs and admire the glorious scenery of the Niagara Escarpment.

More information can be found at the Official Bruce Trail Conservancy Website.

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Contact us at: niagarabrucetrailclub@gmail.com